Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fun Idea for Valentine's Day: An Anti-City Jihad. Yee-Hah!

LoneStar Times notes that the anti-city jihadists at Americans for Prosperity are rallying tomorrow on the steps of City Hall in Houston.

Is that combat babe Cheryl Johnson or Peggy Venable?

Plus: He's a Republican.

With all their taxpayer-funded lobbyists and professional communicators that you pay for, when is the Texas Municipal League going to apologize for referring to a law-abiding (should I even have to say that?) Texas citizen as a jihadist?

More to the point, I assume that Peggy Venable lives in a city that pays dues to belong to the Texas Municipal League. So, her tax dollars went into a city general fund that was used to pay dues to belong to a group that is now calling her a jihadist.

Here's the Smoking Gun.

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Anonymous said...

Peggy V. here and I resent that TML is using such an inflamatory and inappropriate term as "Jihad" to refer to our taxpayer activities. Actually, I do NOT live in a city that is a member of TML. However, I am pleased that a number of city council members across the state are denouncing TML for their behavior. Rule #1: City organization should not embarrass your elected-official-members. TML has violated Rule #1...