Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Feeling like a tiny choo-choo train in the wake of the Big Diesel, I note that LoneStarTimes already has its Anti-city Jihad brings chill to Houston city hall story up about today's noon rally.

One point the article notes is:

Last legislative session, taxpayer-funded lobby groups took $52 million from local governments.
That's a lot, but an additional cost is all the additional special-interest government spending those highly-paid lobbyists wrung out of Austin. How much was that?

Blogger Big Jolly posts for our reading pleasure all the handouts we could have picked up, had we been there. Reading this material is the first time I'd heard of Citizens for Public Accountability. Looks like a good group.

The Houston Chronicle has a new blog devoted to covering City Hall. I'll look forward to seeing whether this blog covers the rally.

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